PunchMyTimeCard (PMTC) is a product of Software Goldsmith Inc. (SGI). It’s a Cloud Based SaaS (Software as a Service) product for Enterprise application. PMTC is an online system that offers solutions for HR Management, Workforce Management (including Time & Attendance, Travel & Expenses, Work Order Management, Scheduling, Tracking progress, etc.), Payroll, Accounting, Invoicing and more through its easy-to-use user interfaces available on multiple platforms like web or Mobile Phones (Android, iOS) or using Barcode Reader, Bio-metric devices based on customer's need. This application is available for you 24x7 via web.

PunchMyTimecard is the ultimate solution for managing your company's cost and expenses by tracking your employees' time, attendance and expenses efficiently. PMTC comply with DCAA rules and regulations for those companies who deal with Government contracts. Moreover, it’s a great system for accountants and CPAs to run payroll, generate invoices, keeping track of financial records for generating income statements or filling for taxes. PMTC is customizable and it has been designed for small, large or medium size businesses.

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HR Management &
On Boarding

Processing all types of onboarding activities like processing different kinds of documents(e.g. NDA, SoW, PO, etc.)Salary negotiation, setting up salary, sending Offer Letter, Contract/Agreement documents, Company Policy, Payroll, Travel & Expense policies, etc. based on employment types (full time, part time, temporary, long-term, salaried, hourly contractors or C2C, etc.). o Sending and singing confirmation for background check and conducting background checks for each employee Verifying all documents like Certificates, Visa, Degrees, Diploma, Passport, Driver License, etc. Process all paperwork like (W2, 1099, C2C etc.) for new hires based on their employment types Setup access to company time management system for entering time & expenses, allow access to status report document and contact information for time approval manager. Inform employee to update his/her healthcare information thru self-managed portal Update employee skill profile with all resources like resume, diplomas, certificates, for management to see during resource allocation/management Inform management with details Identify and inform employee about reporting manager (s) & management structure


Time & Attendance Management

Allows employees to enter time on a daily or weekly basis Manages vacation time-off, sick leave, Paid & unpaid time off,Each employee is uniquely identified by a username and password.Employees can only enter time to projects/cost codes they have been assigned.The attendance system allows for a correction timesheet to be created after the original timesheet has been submitted employees and notify them via email if anyone other than the employee updates a web timesheet. A web timesheet allows for multiple levels of signatures and approvals before processing for payment/invoicing. Changes to the web timesheet are captured by the timesheet tracking software’s audit log that is viewable by the employee, supervisor and each system admin. Changes to the web timesheet are captured by the timesheet tracking software’s audit log that is viewable by the employee, supervisor and each system admin. As we all know that DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) reviews the accounting practices and accounting of government contractors, including prime and subcontractors. That’s why PMTC complies with the DCAA rules/regulations to help Government contractors.


Travel & Expense Management

PMTC allows employees to submit a travel request for management approval, collecting advance payment if needed and making travel plan after management approval.This system allows employees to enter T&L (Travel & Living) expenses directly in the system along with receipts PMTC allows currency conversion if employees are traveling overseas PMTC allows option to distinguish expenses between “Employee Paid” vs. “Company Paid” for correct reimbursement PMTC offers an end-to-end solution for Labor Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Payroll Processing for any company or Govt. contractor. Tracks project cost and expenses accurately under different categories (Direct, Indirect, billable, Non-billable, etc.) to track and monitor project budget correctly. Offers credible cost estimating mechanism by recording key elements of cost structure (e.g., salary, fringe benefits, overtime, travel, etc.) for all projects. Involves upper management & stakeholders in approval process during project execution. Allows to record mileage using our mobile app called MileTracker and calculates actual compensation based on allowed mileage rate.


Payroll Management

Generates Payroll based on timesheets expense reports approved by management PMTC makes payroll report ready to export into your payroll system such as ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks or any other format acceptable to your payroll processing company or by your CPA. We offer our own payroll service to our customers if needed. After payroll is done, PMTC creates reports based on approved timesheet hours, expenses & other compensations paid PMTC supports Overtime & Double time pay rates PMTC can handle the gross pay as per defined salary/LCA salary It can integrated with Employee contribution amounts from health insurance module vs. company contribution


Invoice Management

PMTC can generate invoices for different customers and different projects based hours & expenses entered by employees, billing rate and other predefined criteria PMTC helps our users to create, manage and track invoices easily for different customers for different projects at different intervals (e.g. weekly or monthly or quarterly, etc.) It can send invoices to clients via email for faster payment or it can place those invoices on the customers’ portal for online paymentIt can track and manage payments for all invoices including open & pending invoices. It can handle Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable cases for different clients & vendors by generating status reports, keeping track of payments and sending alerts for unpaid or aging invoices


Vendor Management

PunchMyTimeCard is a Cloud Based SaaS (Software as a Service) Enterprise Application that helps you to manage your vendors in a unified way from a single portal. It doesn’t matter how many vendors you have or how many employees or contractors each vendor has you will be able to manage them all from one central place called PunchMyTimecard PMTC manages all your vendors seamlessly by avoiding the hassle of receiving & handling time & expense data from different methods (e.g., Excel Spreadsheets, phone calls, faxes or emails, etc.) for processingPMTC allows all venders to follow same expense, time & attendance management portal to enter those data so that it is easier for management and accounting department to approve, process, run payroll and generate invoices easily This system reduces cost by eliminating overheads and complexities


All the benefits of an on-demand solution are achieved with PunchMyTimeCard system because it is delivered to you as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution so that your company can be up and running instantly when you're ready to take care of your business. PunchMyTimeCard allows employees to submit their time and expense reports for approvals easily via web. It doesn’t require any extra efforts or collaboration from employee’s part to send that information to right managers for approvals. And later, those approved time & expenses are sent to Payroll and Accounting for processing salary and invoices.

PunchMyTimeCard’s Mobile presence also helps users to enter expenses, Time & attendance thru mobile devices. PMTC offers two apps to our customers called PunchClock and mobiPMTC. Customers can choose the right app based on their organizational needs. mobiPMTC allows user to enter weekly time & expenses along with receipts for management approval, payroll and accounting. Whereas, PunchClock allows users to enter time & attendance data for once or multiple times a day against each assigned project and location for management approval and processing payroll. Managers also can monitor employees’ presence on the map through our mobile apps.

PunchMyTimeCard delivers the following features:

Time Card


How it works

Employees submit timecards
Managers approve timecards
Accountants Run Payroll
Accountants Generate Invoices
HR Does Vacation Management
Project Managers Monitor Budget
Accountants Manage General



How it Works

Other Resources

Software Goldsmith Inc. offers an end-to-end enterprise Business Solution Platform for managing your business from start to finish. With the help of our other enterprise applications, it can also perform the following activities:

Managing business made easier by integrating PunchMyTimecard with the above mentioned application modules. For more information. contact us.

Mobile Presence

PunchMyTimeCard’s Mobile presence also helps users to enter expenses, Time & attendance thru mobile devices while they are on-the-go. We offer two mobile apps to our customers called PunchClock and mobiPMTC. Customers can choose the right app based on their organizational needs. PMTC also offers a tool called MileTracker to record mileage when employees travel to work and it also calculates actual compensation based on allowed mileage rate. Download all our mobile apps today for your device (Android or iOS).